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Meet the Student Carousel Post for Instagram

Every year WCSU's (Western Connecticut State University) Career Success center comes to the Communications and Marketing Department to create a campaign. The campaign's goal was to
encourage people to visit the Career Success Center and use Big Interview and Hiration. The center
at that time recently invested in these programs, so they were raising awareness of this recent service.
It was my idea to make a spin off of a popular challenge from Instagram called
#MeettheArtist. This was
in the hopes that people feel connected with the center and be less intimated by the apps.

I drew inspiration from the things that I love such as emojis, bright colors and my favorite font Fredoka
to make me feel like me. I also drew inspiration from my hobby, art journaling. Overall, it created a playful vibe but was also successful with incorporating the branding of Big Interview and Hiration to establish a familiarity with the audience. The client was excited about my idea, but unfortunately did not see it
being launched as I graduated already and had only a month to stay at Communications and
Marketing Department.

I used InDesign to create the layout and sourced images from Envato Elements and logos
from the apps, Big Interview and Hiration.

Nicole Ilagan Logos_Initials with Outline.png

Let's get in touch! For any questions or inquiries,
please email

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