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The Nikki Diaires YouTube Mock Up 2.png

The Nikki Diaries YouTube Banner and Avatar

The Nikki Diaries is an upcoming YouTube channel about digital journaling and art. It focuses on my guilty pleasures and my love for art journaling. Niki is my nickname hence the name, but added an extra "k" because it's the most common way of spelling of it. I used my nickname for this channel so people don't assume it's affiliated with my professional website. The YouTube channel is more casual and personal.


However, it is important to note that this style is another aesthetic I love using as well. I don't use it often, because my professional work does not align with it. It's very playful and adds a hand-written feel. I especially love the modern calligraphy that I use. It adds a lot more character and texture to the composition. I hope someday a client would love to have similar aesthetic to this, so I can incorporate it into my professional work.

The style of the avatar is inspired by The Owl House. I love the simplified facial features and hair, so I wanted to emulate it in my avatar. The big eyes is another feature I kept, because somebody told me my eyes were extremely large when I was a freshmen in high school. For some reason, this person was very amazed by it. I never forgot about that moment, because it was extremely bizarre so when I saw this style had pretty but big eyes I connected with it instantly. I would love to develop this style better to fit my personality and hopefully create full body characters with it.

I used Procreate for the hand lettering, avatar, textures, and shapes. The paper png's are from Envato Elements and the cartoon characters are screen captures from the show or public domain websites.

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