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Tommy the Musical

WCSU's Theatre Department needed a poster for their Spring 2021 musical, "Tommy." It was a rock opera about a boy named Tommy who is deaf, and blind and how he experiences life. The themes included were family, spirituality, and hero worship. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, this musical never came to production despite having in-progress work before it was cancelled.

This was the longest work time I had for WCSU's Communication and Marketing department. It took me almost a year to finish it. The plot was very complex that I had a lot to grab inspiration from. My supervisor, and I bounced a lot of ideas around and we consolidated 3 ideas for the client to choose from. The result you see now was the final choice they chose. They specifically did not want people in the poster, because they wanted people to be surprised about the actors who plays Tommy. They specifically loved the pattern, because it remained true to the funky and bizarre nature of the rock opera.

I used Photoshop and InDesign to create this poster. The font used for the body copy was Montserrat and for the heading it was . I used parts of the logo to create the pattern.

Nicole Ilagan Logos_Initials with Outline.png

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