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Fruits Floating Post Card Mockup 2.png

The Smiling Fruits Illustrations

The style of these fruits was based on my old personal logo that you see on Meet the Student. I was very proud of my old logo at the time, so I decided to test it's versatility. I was very surprised to discover that it worked as fruits. I thought it would have lost the authentic vibe of the original logo, but it didn't so it was definitely nice to know that I created a logo that could work on every situation.

The reason for the theme was because I used to describe my hair being the top part of an pineapple. My hair used to be very short and spiky. It stuck out a lot and one time somebody told me it reminded them of palm trees or a pineapple. I didn't take it into offense. I thought it was hilarious, so for my senior portfolio stationery set I made my icon into that same spiky-haired person with a smile. It was very similar to the hair you see on the pineapple version. It was very well-received by my peers and was fascinated by the backstory. Therefore when I revisited my old logo a couple of years, I decided to literally make it into fruits to fully embrace the story behind it.

Currently, I do not use this style of my logo anymore as I have grown as a Designer but I am still fond of it and would love to create more on my free time.

I used Illustrator to create the illustration and specifically used the Pen and Shape tool functions.

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