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Sir Waggington's Email Campaigns

Sir Waggington's is an eco-friendly dog poop bag company. It uses cornstarch as an alternative to plastic, so it decomposes. Plastic takes around a decade to decompose, so this brand encourages everyone to reduce plastic waste as much as they can.

The design is strictly based on their new brand guidelines and website. It has a very simple and straight-forward composition using some neutral colors like black and two different greens. They also provided branding for their Pawlentines event. This brand definitely has modern aspects to it, but it kept it's fun side with the illustration and copy. The challenging part of designing for Sir Waggington's is not overdoing the playful side of this brand. It's very easy to go overboard, because of the tone of the copy. The color palette definitely helps set the tone and from there I add certain design elements to make it look a little playful. It could be adding little stars or frames to the photos or using other colors to make it have a different feel.

I used Figma and Photoshop to create the visuals. I sourced the lifestyle images from Envato Elements and the product photos were given by the brand.

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